Voices of the Big Easy

January 22 at 9:00 PM

The drums, tambourines and cowbells heard in the distance is not your imagination. It is the nomadic tribe of Voices of the Big Easy at it again. Our spotters have informed us that the tribe is restless; they appear to be on the move, their numbers are growing, but there is a small problem. The big chief have been unable to refrain from chanting, “save up your nickels and dimes, cause pretty big chief want some wine” and “somebody give me a quarter, cause pretty big chief want some water”. I don’t think he’s singing about Evian. None of the tribesmen are willing to tell the big chief that they are tired of singing this song, but some have said if they have to sing it one more time, they might commit the worst Mardi Gras Indian indignity and finally bow down. Can you say crisis. The tribe will never let this happen. At first it was thought that the chief had too much to smoke, but then it became clear that the chief simply hadn’t had enough vino. As a result, the Voices of the Big Easy, is rearing its feathered head. The tribe is taking it to Istanbul; where there is no better place to find the chief’s favorite libations. Until then, the Myrigny will be under siege. There will be no better place in the city to be for wine drinkers, and poetry lovers, while the chief satiates his thirst for grapes. Everyone who wants to bring an instrument or poem is welcomed. Come ready to imbibe.

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