The Unholy Revival

May 12 at 9:00 PM


Snake Oil is proud to bring you the Unholy Roller Revival, a burlesque and variety show with all of the fire and brimstone of an old time Pentecostal tent revival, but with none of the pesky damnation and judgment. If you grew up religious, like to laugh when Jimmy Swaggart sleeps with hookers, or if you love outstanding music and hot burlesque, then this is a show that you cannot pass up! The Unholy Roller Revival takes you on a journey to a bygone era when dancing ladies, musical acts, and side shows traveled with religious revivals to towns far and wide, to entertain and save the public, while relieving them of a few dollars at the same time. This event pays homage to that era by rolling all of the music, dancing, sideshow, and gospel into one hilarious show that lampoons religion and is guaranteed to have you in the aisles, jumping up and down, and screaming, "HALLELUJAH"! 

Starring the preacher of perversion, the Reverend Pastor Father Brother Ben Wisdom and the most sinful burlesque stars in New Orleans: Little Luna, The Burlesque Barber, Ginger Licious of Slow Burn Burlesque,GoGo McGregor, Face of a Pinup/Mouth of a Sailor, and the Sweetest thing this side of the Mississippi, Cherry Brown. Plus live music by Dr. Sick and This Stunted Sextette and Saint Cecelia's Asylum Chorus.

Jordan Flight Luxe