April 18 at 7:00 PM


The group is:
Don Paul, poetry and music
Evan Christopher, clarinet and soprano saxophone
Alfred "Uganda" Roberts, percussion
Seizo Shibayama, electric guitar
Tom Worrell, keyboards.

Don Paul moved to New Orleans from the San Francisco Bay Area
in January 2006. He's worked with Common Ground Relief, Rebuild Green,
and Restore Wesley United toward natives' return, cultural preservation
and change, and New Orleans as a "gumbo" model city for the 21st century.
In 2011 he began to work with musicians again. He's performed with India Cooke, Alex De Grassi, Dhyani Dharma, Henry Kaiser, Miya Masaoka, Evan Parker, Chuck Prophet, and John Sinclair. For more biography, please see .

The musicians in Somewhere South Of Metropolis are illustrious. "Evan Christopher is, in my estimation,  not only the greatest clarinetist alive but one of the greatest of all time,"Ahmet Ertegun, co-founder of Atlantic Records, said. Clive Davis of the London Sunday Times called Evan's 2010 album Finesse his 'favorite album of the year.' The Louisiana Weekly described percussionist Alfred "Uganda" Roberts as  a 'musical icon' and the New Orleans Musical Colloquim named him 'a positive in the New Orleans music scene for 35 years.' Tom Worrell's qualties are bespoken by his playing keyboards for Johnny Adams, Solomon Burke, and the Wild Magnolias. Craig Klein of Bonearama wrote about guitarist Seizo Shibayama: 'His name is Seizo Shibayama and he CAN play like he's on fire. Lots of good things to come from him.' 

"I'm blessed by this group. I like so much about these players. Their skills. Their different backgrounds. The resources their backgrounds bring. Their soulfulness. They gel as a team and every time we do a take on a poem or song it's a gas, something new and alive."
    Don Paul on working in Somewhere South Of Metropolis with Evan
    Christopher, Uganda Roberts, Seizo Shibayama and Tom Worrell.

'Don Paul proposes and explores the only kind of revolution that
seems possible in North America'--Lawrence Ferlinghetti

'One of the Bay Area's artistic treasures'--Wanda Sabir in the
                            San Francisco Bay View

'I was moved deeply by Don Paul's poetry. A way sane as dance.'--
                             Jeannette Armstrong


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