Secret Life, Secret Death

June 9 at 2:00 PM

SECRET LIFE, SECRET DEATH unravels the mystery of young mother who falls into a web of crime in Chicago's Roaring 20's, and later runs a shady motel in northern Wisconsin during the Great Depression. Filmmaker Genevieve Davis spent 10 years researching her grandmother and father's secret story in Gangland Chicago and No Man's Land Northern Wisconsin.

“It’s a Gangster movie, from the woman’s point of view,” Davis said. “If you ever wondered what happened to all the woman who were sexy decoration in Gangster movies, this movie will tell you the impact of the Underworld on them and their children.”


Davis's lush, artistic film features vintage costumes sets, cars and trains, along with green screen special effects, where actors walk around inside historic pictures of Chicago. There's also a dazzling soundtrack of seductive Tangos, Ragtime, Jazz, Blues, and Big Band music.

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