Professor Arturo

Readings from Professor Arturo's book My Name is New Orleans
March 14 at 8:00 PM

Arthur Pfister who performs as Professor Arturo. The book’s six sections reflect a lifetime immersed in the city’s humor, pathos and idiosyncrasies: Impressions Mens & Wimmins Ascension (Extreme Unction) The Great Miscellaneous Mischief War & Peace WhIPPEd!!!

Pfister’s work has appeared in countless above and underground publications – this is the first time it comes together in one savory volume. An original Broadside Press poet of the 1960s, he was a fixture on the New Orleans poetry scene until 2005 when hurricane Katrina sent him into permanent evacuation in Connecticut. That has not stilled his strong, passionate voice for the city of his birth.

Arthur Pfister is one of the finest poets in the new world, the old one too. My Name is New Orleans sets a new standard, to which all of the lodge must address themselves too.       --Amiri Baraka

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