Presented by: Versipel New Music
February 15 at 7:30 PM

Versipel New Music invites you to the sonic worlds of loadbang - an ensemble for baritone voice, trumpet, trombone, and clarinet - whose eye (and ear) for the ever new has invited the creation of a bold new body of works that both challenge and embrace the chamber music conventions of today. Having premiered over 200 works, The New York City-based ensemble is known for its searing and unpredictable improvisations, exploring the edges of instrumental and vocal timbre and technique, and blurring the line between composed and extemporaneous music.


For their premiere performance in New Orleans, Loadbang brings a program that is a convergence of worlds in which language is thrown apart and mended together in ways that are sometimes whimsical, sometimes tragic, and sometimes ambiguously between the two. To different extents these works explore notions of alternate history, folk mythology, space and repetition, flexibile correlations between live and fixed performance, and the disembodiment of nature and language. The program includes works by Taylor Brook, David Bird, Angelica Negron, Paula Matthusen, and Joan Arnau Pamies, as well as new works by Kari Besharse and Philip Schuessler.


For more information, visit www.versipel.org and www.loadbang.com