Free Fire Safety Workshop (All Skill Levels)

March 24 at 11:00 AM
Reverend Tommy Gunn of Hollywood's own & ONLY carnival-style sideshow, FreakShow Deluxe, will be covering the do's and don'ts of fire performance - specifically as related to fire-eating AND fire-breathing - basic skills of the sideshow arts!

**Let's be serious for a moment: This is not just the "here is my opinion on safety based on things I heard" kind of workshop you can easily get from someone who attended Burning Man or who has been performing a couple years. Your Reverend brings 40+ years of performance, management, production work and experience with him. This workshop is being coordinated with Ted Shred - a Hollywood legend: CEO at Double Dog Dare Events, Partner at Eric & Ted's Most Excellent Events, and Bosun at Pirates For Hire - one of the most respected entertainers & consultants of fire performance in the industry. Ted Shred LITERALLY wrote the book on fire safety in performance for Los Angeles County! Shred is going to be doing a fire workshop in Los Angeles - and this workshop is a great introduction/pre-cursor for this workshop, PLUS you will get details to attend his workshop.**

A MUST for beginners - a great refresher for seasoned performers. Your Reverend will introduce some procedures that we hope to make the industry standard - get in on the ground floor!

IF YOU ARE A PRODUCER/VENUE - come and find out exactly what you should be demanding from performers to maintain the highest levels of safety from the people you hire. You should know what to expect, and what to put up with!

Discussion with demonstrations of fire tools & and safety. Including:
-Basic Safety Precautions;
-Working with Your Local Fire Marshall & FD Staff for Permits;
-Fuel Storage, Containment & Transport;
-Safety Personnel & Fire Safety Equipment (Extinguishers);
-Your Personal Health & Safety;
-plus Other Aspects of Fire Safety as Related to Fire Performance.

There is no fee for this workshop, and no limit as to attendees.