Ensemble Adilei w/Blato Zlato

From Georgia to the Balkans
February 5 at 8:00 PM
Ensemble Adilei (ადილეი • Adilei) is visiting New Orleans on their USA tour and will be sharing the stage with local Balkan band Blato Zlato! From the Guria region of the Republic of Georgia, Ensemble Adilei brings a rich tradition of Georgian polyphonic songs and chants for an experience that is truly mesmerizing and unlike anything in Western music. This is a rare opportunity to hear Georgian music in New Orleans and is not a show to be missed.

ABOUT ENSEMBLE ADILEI: Ensemble Adilei performs traditional Georgian polyphonic songs and chants. Most of the members were in...troduced to folk singing in their families or children’s music groups ear on in life. Adilei’s main passion lies in the songs from the province of Guria in Western Georgia, though other regions are also represented in their repertoire. Gurian music has often been compared to jazz, because improvisation is its main component, and all the voice parts move independently each other, creating contrapuntal polyphony. Gurian song is also characterized by krimanchuli, a yodeling technique often present in the upper voice.

ABOUT BLATO ZLATO: Blato Zlato performs folk and composed music from the Balkans and Eastern Europe, with a particular focus on Bulgarian songs and improvisational, dreamy, full-energy arrangements. Their debut album, "Swamp Gold," was released in Jan. 2017 and draws inspiration from the polyphonic vocal traditions and village-style dance tunes of the Balkans, infusing tradition with dark arrangement, improvisational continuous transitions, and the sounds of the Louisiana swamp.