Ousmane Sembène’s Ceddo (1976, 120 mins) "The New Orleans Afrikan Film and Arts Festival at Cafe Istanbul"
May 11 at 7:00 PM

In an unspecified past, the Ceddo try to preserve their traditional culture against the onslaught of Islam, Christianity, and the slave trade. When King Demba War sides with the Muslims, the Ceddo kidnap his daughter, the beautiful, defiant Princess Dior Yacine, to protest their forced conversion to Islam.

Banned in Senegal on an absurd technicality, Ceddo, Sembène's most ambitious film, uses the story of the princess's kidnapping to examine the confrontation between opposing new cultural forces, as the Ceddo cling desperately to their customs and their religion. Ceddo ranges far and wide to include philosophy, fantasy, militant politics, and a couple of electrifying leaps across the centuries to evoke the whole of the African experience.

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