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An Interactive Conversation on Film Funding & Local Media Culture
October 16 at 1:00 PM

The New Orleans Film Festival (NOFF) and the New Orleans Video Access Center (NOVAC) present an I Love Louisiana Day Special Presentation.

Join us in a rollicking, raucous conversation on the state of the local media economy. Tax credits, film grants, and tech start-ups, let’s talk to each other on how we can instill in New Orleans and Louisiana a real and true knowledge based on creative economy. Let’s make job creation, economic development and artistic practice the foundation for creating meaningful, strategic and economically viable partnerships.

Be forewarned: this is not your typical panel! Come ready and willing for a lively facilitated conversation. Everyone who attends should come prepared to speak on his or her involvement with the local film/media/tech economy. The objective is to come up with ideas and solutions to get this portion of the cultural economy to work in a more integrated fashion.

WHAT’S ON THE AGENDA? We aim to take up the following questions:
• Who locally benefits from the cultural economy?
• What have tax credits done for me lately?
• Why don’t production companies hire locals?
• What has to be done to make a film about New Orleans that isn’t a documentary? Can I get a funder?
• “Treme,” lightning rod or learning resource?
• Are certain features of the local film industry best explained by an intelligent cause (tax incentives, cultural economy promotions), not an undirected process such as natural marketplace selection?
• OR, Digital evolutionary change comes about through the abundant production of technology variation in every generation. Do the individuals who survive, owing to a particularly well-adapted combination of inheritable characters (education & luck,) give rise to the next generation of media productivity?
Attendees will include a diverse cross-section of mediamakers, funders, local production business leaders, and government decision-makers. Whether you’re looking to break into the local media industry or a seasoned veteran of the local cultural economy, you won’t want to miss this event.

Facilitated by Terry Scott, independent producer and media consultant for independent filmmakers and non-profit arts organizations. His multimedia career includes serving as the Managing/ Development Director of Junebug Productions, Senior Coordinator for StoryCorps, the award winning oral history project broadcast nationally on National Public Radio from 2006-2008 and from 2001 -2005 he was the Director of Producer Services and technology for the National Black programming Consortium.

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