Alexandra Scott & Her Magical Band

March 23 at 9:00 PM
April 27 at 9:00 PM

I grew up on a cattle farm in Virginia and cut my teeth playing gigs as a teenager in the Charlottesville music scene of the late 90’s. I loved Suzanne Vega, The Replacements, Waylon Jennings, and early R.E.M.

One day I packed my truck and moved myself to New Orleans, where I met producer Tim Sommer (Duncan Sheik) with whom I made two records, had endless conversations about music, and formed the Eno-homage, drone-punk ensemble Hi-fi Sky.

Things were good in the Crescent City in the summer of 2005. I played Bonnaroo and opened for LeAnn Rimes. Then two things happened. The first was that my (ex) yoga teacher took hold of my right leg in class one morning and forced it behind my neck, tearing my knee irreparably. The second was a large hurricane named Katrina that formed in the Gulf of Mexico.

I evacuated the day before Katrina hit with my dog, my acoustic guitar, my baggiest pair of jeans and some t-shirts. For a while, that was all I had. Amidst the grief and chaos of that time, I found that there was something about the stripped-away-ness of it all that I liked.

I ended up in New York City, and then in Canada, and then in Providence, and after 3 years of wandering, I came back to New Orleans. I have a long list of states in which my dog peed during our peregrinations.

I play underground rock, a type of country/folk that I call ‘dream-a-billy’ for lack of a better word. I like to turn out slow, simple dance songs for long lonely nights to come.

My new record, ‘I Love You So Much Always,’ is dedicated to nine people who died in the two & a half years prior to making it. They were amazing & joyous & wondrous teachers & friends. I didn’t set out to make a record for or about them; my songs, as usual, are wiser than I am.

When I’m not singing & writing songs I’m playing with my black dog Jackson, gardening, meditating, on the computer planning tours, on the computer answering email, on the computer looking at dumb stuff, and (occasionally) working on the novel I’ve been trying to finish for years.